I cook, plate, shoot and feed.

As a child, my favourite part of the day was to sit on the kitchen table and look at images of beautifully plated dishes. I would go through all of my mother's cookbooks and pretended to be on a cooking show as a world renowned chef.

My first encounter in the kitchen was at the age of 8. I successfully created a dish from my mother's leftovers and as I watched my family take a bite with an approving smile, the amount of happiness I felt is still remembered to this day.

I'm a self-taught cook who simply put, loves food. From selecting the ingredients to executing the details, I love it all. My journey as a cook began by cooking for family and friends. I would post my day to day dishes on social media and each day, I had more and more followers. It was eventually recognized by high profile chefs, magazines and reputable foodies. I would spend all day researching, studying, creating recipes, mastering techniques and scoping out the city for inspiration. People around me constantly suggested that I start my own venture and one day, I met a chef who selflessly helped me walk down that path. From then on, Mama Pak's Kitchen was born.   

When I sit with clients for a consultation, my main goal is to show my passion and care through food so that they can feel the same joy I felt when I was a little girl. There's nothing like food that can bring people together and to know that I can be the tool to make it happen, it's truly a dream come true.

-Hanna Pak-