Living in this fast paced society, we are consistently looking for convenience and instant gratification in the things that we eat. Perhaps we need to step back and really understand that our health is what's most important. We all know that take-outs, ordering in and fast food joints are depriving our bodies with nutrition, yet we still continue to take this route.  Cooking can be very intimidating for most and a lot of times, we simply don't know where to start.

Mama Pak's Kitchen provides approachable and practical lessons in cooking. We will teach you ways around the kitchen with the tools you already have at home.  Without the use of fancy equipment, learn how to create dishes with detailed flair and presentation.  Along with meal preparation, we will also show you ways to utilize leftover ingredients to ensure there is no waste!

Each lesson is two to three hours in length.  Here we will walk you through the process of preparing an entire meal.  We will teach you the methods of properly prepping the ingredients, various cooking techniques and the art of food presentation.  Our goal is to provide you with a new outlook on cooking with the hopes of helping you incorporate more home cooked meals into your daily routine.


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